Saving Body & Soul

One woman’s miracle. Every person’s potential.

We are surrounded by people in need: a family seeking shelter under a bridge, an unemployed former coworker on the verge of losing his home, a single mom struggling to feed three kids. Our hearts may be touched with compassion, but more often than not we turn away–unsure how to help and convinced that one person cannot possibly make a difference.

Saving Body & Soul powerfully disproves that myth. Through gripping black-and-white images and gritty, real-life stories, you’ll witness the amazing life of Mary Jo Copeland, a housewife and mother of twelve who overcame, and continues to overcome, tremendous odds in order to serve the poor and homeless. As you meet her and the unforgettable people whose lives she’s touched–and who have changed her life in return–this unique book will stir your spirit, challenge your perceptions, and lovingly usher you into the miracle of faith in action.

One person can make a difference.

With traditional government support decreasing even as the number of people needing assistance continues to rise, there has never been a greater need to witness the impact of faith, optimism, and kindness–and the reciprocal love they inspire.

Filled with dramatic black-and-white images that explore some of the most unsettling issues facing America today, here is an intimate portrait of a hands-on mission to serve the neediest in today’s society. With a persistence born of adversity, Mary Jo Copeland has created a network of services that reaches more than 1,600 poor and indigent people each day. Here is convincing proof of what can be accomplished through faith-based initiatives and through the loving acts of ordinary people.

In a society that has too little inspiration and too few real heroes, Saving Body & Soul will restore your faith in the transforming power of compassion–and in your own ability to shape the world.