Love Water Not Oil Tour 2014

Black and white photos from Winona LaDuke/Honor the Earth Love Water Not Oil Tour of 2014.

Those [pipelines] go through indigenous territories which are healthy lands. Lands that our ancestors wish to protect; we intend to do the same… Greed makes people act poorly rather than investing into efficiency infrastructure, renewable or safe energy. The push is to extract as quickly as possible, by any means necessary, and to move that oil by any means necessary…. This is not an indigenous issue, this affects us all.”  —Winona LaDuke

“I started following the developing story in May of 2014 as Winona LaDuke and her organization Honor the Earth filed a lawsuit against the Enbridge Company stating the proposed pipeline violates treaty rights. As I watched Winona work with communities around the North I saw grassroots democracy and civic engagement working for environmental justice protecting water and land. Then, traveling with Winona to New York City, I witnessed over 400,000 in the People’s Climate March, I knew I had to do a film.” —Keri Pickett