An artist leads a neighborhood into fantasy land. Fusterlandia, the studio, residence and wild kingdom of José Rodriguez Fuster is an artist studio and we were hosted to a nice lunch. Lunch was served in a beautiful domed space filled with tables and chairs for our group of 28 people. Mr. Fuster, who some call Cuba’s answer to Gaudí, was not at home.

The artist’s son greeted us at the door and his grandson wrapped up the tiles purchased by my mom and everyone else. There were painting of all sizes for sale and it is obvious that the artist is investing in the neighborhood. It is inspirational. This man has a vision and it is an upbeat happy vision with the ever present eye watching out over everything. Don’t worry – be happy! This shows the draw of the creative as the artist tiles sold out in a hurry as they were fun, hand painted and they can’t be bent so in that way they travel well.