Keri Pickett, photo by Keegan Xavi

Keri Pickett, photo by Keegan Xavi

I am the Producer and Director of the documentary feature film The Fabulous Ice Age, winner of an audience award at the Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival and best non-feature film and best non-feature director awards from both the Women’s Indie Film Festival and the Gwinnett International Film Festival. The film spans a century focusing on the skating pioneers who changed the world and one show skaters’ quest to ensure their history is not forgotten. Virgil Films & Entertainment is the distributor and the film is available streaming on Netflix.

Love in the 90s, BB & Jo: The Story of a Lifelong Love, A Granddaughter’s Portrait (Warner Books, 1995) is my first book and it had a first printing of 150,000 copies. Faeries (Aperture Books, 2000) won the Lambda Literary Award for best art book of 2000 and Saving Body & Soul, The Mission of Mary Jo Copeland (Random House, 2004), Photographs by Keri Pickett, Essays & Interviews by Margaret Nelson helped raise money for the homeless shelter it features.

I started back in 1983 when Fred McDarrah gave me an internship at the Village Voice Newspaper in NYC and I have been on my own ever since that time. In the late 80’s I left NYC and went home to MN due to a diagnosis of Burkitt’s lymphoma cancer. During my two years of chemotherapy I photographed children coping with life-threatening illness and often I would finish the roll of film at my grandparent’s home before heading to the darkroom to process my film.

The result was not what I expected as I never published the book about children, but I did create my first book which paired images of my grandparents in their mid 90’s with their year long postal courtship from the late 1920s. That first book had a miraculous printing of 150,000 copies and the title is Love in the 90s, BB and Jo, The Story of a Lifelong Love, a Granddaughter’s Portrait. My second book Faeries (Aperture, 2000) is about a retreat place in the north woods for a group of gay men who identify as being radical faeries.

My third book is about Mary Jo Copeland, whom I first photographed on a People magazine assignment. The reporter, Margaret Nelson and I decided to go further and create a book about this amazing woman’s work with the poor and homeless resulting in Saving Body & Soul, The Mission of Mary Jo Copeland photographs by Keri Pickett and texts by Margaret Nelson.

I have been awarded fellowships from the Bush Foundation, McKnight, Jerome and Target Foundations as well as the National Endowment for the Arts. My pictures have appeared in Life, Time and People magazines as well as Stern and Geo.

My corporate clients include Horizon Organic, Whitewave, Target, American Express and RBC Wealth Management.

— Keri Pickett